Course Details

Serve IT is considered an internship by the Luddy School, and therefore, students are expected to work 60 hours per credit hour. Freshmen and sophomores are recommended to take 1 credit hour per semester.

Students apply through the link to the right. Applicants must apply during the semester before you expect to take the course. They open from the first day of class until the deadline listed on the application (usually 3/4 of the way through the semester.)

Informatics students can do their Capstone through Serve IT if they have first taken at least three credits of INFO I391 in the clinic and performed well. Capstone interns lead teams, attend additional leadership meetings and training, working with a supervisor who coaches through the process.

Interns pursuing I391/I491/Y390 will be given permission to enroll in the internship course. Students who wish to enroll in SPEA must initiate the process with their advisors in the O’Neill School to register.

Courses that count for Serve IT

  • INFO I391 (choose between 1-3 credit hours. 1 credit hour per semester is preferred.)
  • INFO I491 for Capstone credit (pre-requisite: 3 hours of I391)
  • CSCI Y390 (pre-requisite: 3 hours of I391)
  • SPEA V381 Undergraduate internship credit
  • SPEA V585 Graduate internship credit

1-3credit hours interns may choose

3credits taken prior to be eligible for capstone

60hours of work per credit hour

Our teams

Web projects

Each semester the clinic works with 5-7 clients within the community, assisting them with web-based tech projects. We are looking for students with an interest in web development, project management, leadership and design.

Check out past projects


Our Social Media Marketing team helps get the word out about our good work in the community. They track their progress via analytics and try to grow our audience and increase our reach. Students with an interest in design, analytics, and communications are encouraged to apply.

Teach IT

Interns on Teach IT work closely with the Bloomington community creating lesson plans that teach everyday tech skills to children, teens, and adults. Clients include the Boys and Girls Club, Monroe County Public Library, and Girls Inc.

Learn more about Teach IT

Tech Support

The Tech Support team manages computer and hardware donations, refurbishes computers and conducts on-site visits with nonprofits to set up computers and troubleshoot any other tech issues.


Capstone requirements

Interns majoring in Informatics who are interested in doing Serve IT to fulfill their capstone requirement must complete 3 credit hours of I391 with the clinic before applying for capstone.

Capstone interns gain leadership skills being a team lead or co-team lead.

Join the internship for credit that makes a difference in the community.

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